slide1 Truro-Power-Centre-Planning--Municipal-Infrastructure Westville-Sanitary-Sewer-System-Inflow--Infiltration-Study--Model Truro-Skate-Park Municipality-of-Clare-Health-Centre Millbrook-Storm-Water-Management-Strategy--Flood-Mitigation Property-Condition-Assessment--Building-Complex-Upgrades----Hubtown-Housing-Cooperative Debert-Home-Hardware-Phase-2-ESA
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Westville Sanitary Sewer System Upgrades Town of Westville
Truro Power Centre Planning & Municipal Infrastructure - Millbrook First Nation
Westville Sanitary Sewer System Inflow & Infiltration Study & Model - Town of Westville
Truro Skate Park - Town of Truro
Clare Health Centre - Municipality of Clare
Millbrook Storm Water Management & Flood Mitigation - Millbrook First Nation
Property Condition Assessment & Building Complex Upgrades - Hubtown Housing Co-operative
Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment - Debert Home Hardware Distribution centre