PDI Engineering Group Inc. is a modern and energetic firm with a fresh approach to work which was formed from a silver lining of circumstance, from an opportunity to get “back-to-basics” with the services we provide to communities and clients within Nova Scotia and the rest of the Maritimes.

PDI Engineering Group Inc. is a team of professional engineers and technology specialists who deliver personalized, localized and innovative solutions to clients and communities.  Our firm prides itself on creating, building and maintaining strong Client relationships by providing exceptional service for our Clients by combining up to date engineering and project delivery techniques with sound fundamentals and practical solutions, while meeting cost control targets and timelines.

Our name represents our philosophy:

Partner – Develop – Innovate

We Partner with our Clients and other industry members to understand project needs and objectives to work, execute, and deliver on time and on budget.

We Develop not only comprehensive project plans, designs and solutions, but also work together with our Clients to collectively develop and share knowledge, skills and expertise.

We strive to Innovate through our partnerships with our Clients and other industry members by delivering comprehensive project planning, design, engineering and project management services. We strive to develop the most innovative solutions that are practical and localized to satisfy the needs and objectives of our Clients.

Our mission statement:

Client Satisfaction through Partnership & Efficient Execution